the cheapside hoard – london’s lost jewels

If you are anywhere near the Barbican and have an hour or two to spare, try not to miss this fabulous exhibition at the Museum of London. It involves mystery, buried treasure and a thrilling history of the gem trade in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Once outside, I wandered along some of the same lanes and alleys that existed then and took the opportunity of photographing some of the old buildings which have survived until today and now stand in harmony with the City’s shiny new architecture.

Paternoster Square
Paternoster Square

Ruins of St Alban's Church
St Alban Church Tower

St Paul's
St Paul’s Cathedral

go to work on a boat

Whenever there’s a tube strike in London, there is one form of transport you can rely on.  If you can struggle through the chaos of overcrowded buses, traffic jams and long queues and eventually find your way to the river – the watermen will save the day and ferry you to your destination.

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